Transfer Test Practice Papers.

The Transfer Test in Northern Ireland has changed for pupils sitting the test from 2023 onwards.  There are no longer two separate AQE and GL tests.  Instead pupils will sit a new test, run by a new group, called the Schools Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG).

Although the curriculum of the new test remains largely the same as previous Transfer Tests, the format of the new GL Assessment test has changed.  It is important that students are given as much practise as possible in the new GL format and layout to ensure maximum success when they come to sit the tests in November 2023.

Why Buy Our SEAG Style Transfer Test Practice Papers?

On Target provides SEAG Transfer Test Practice Papers that are designed to mirror the actual tests that your child will sit in November 2023 in Northern Ireland. 

  • Transfer Test papers updated to the revised 2023 SEAG curriculum specification.
  • Transfer Test Staged difficulty papers to allow your child to ease into practice papers.
  • All our Transfer Test papers are written by experienced teachers who specialise in tutoring for the Transfer Test

SEAG Style Transfer Test Papers - Staged Difficulty Levels

In order to ensure your child’s confidence in their academic skills and encourage sound progress for their learning, we have developed a selection of Transfer Test papers that have different levels of difficulty.  

Level 1 – the easiest level. Reduced curriculum and short papers.

Level 2 – the middle level. Added curriculum and time.

Level 3 –  SEAG Style test standard papers.  Containing the full SEAG GL curriculum and test length.

Find our more about our levelled practice papers on our Levels Explanation Page.

SEAG GL Transfer Test practice papers - the front cover of the Level 1, 2 and 3 practice papers

Find out more about the SEAG Specification.

Schools and Tutors, please do not purchase single use resources.  Please visit our Schools and Tutors page. 

SEAG Transfer Test

The SEAG Transfer Test allows students to sit two different test papers at different times, they are completed on two consecutive weeks in November. These two papers will be used to calculate the student’s overall score. This is done to ensure that no child is unfairly penalised by having an ‘off day’ due to illness, nervousness or any other external factors. 

SEAG Style Staged Difficulty Practice Papers

  • On Target Tuition Logo SEAG Test Test Paper Bundle for Level 3
  • On Target Tuition Logo SEAG Transfer Test Paper and Revision Book Bundle for Level 1, 2 and 3

    Transfer Test Revision and Practice Paper Bundle

  • On Target Tuition Logo SEAG Transfer Test Paper Bundle for Level 1, 2 and 3
  • On Target Tuition Logo SEAG Transfer Test Paper Bundle for Level 1 and 2

Level 1 - Easiest

  • On Target Tuition Logo SEAG Practice Paper Bundle for Level 1

    Transfer Test SEAG Style Practice Papers – Level 1


Level 2 - Middle

  • On Target Tuition Logo SEAG Transfer Test Paper Bundle for Level 2

    Transfer Test SEAG Style Practice Papers – Level 2


Level 3 - Test Level Practice Papers

  • On Target Tuition Logo SEAG Test Test Paper Bundle for Level 3
  • SEAG Bonus practice paper
G. McCaughey
G. McCaughey
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We are delighted to say that Sophie amazed us with her great AQE result, 122 out of 128! I used all your resources in the six months prior to her tests, and considering she had missed two terms in P5 and P6, they were invaluable. I have recommended your material to many P6 parents, considering the content and quality is so relevant and comprehensive. The extra practice papers were invaluable, especially over the summer months, when skills can slip - will certainly continue to recommend these fantastic resources to many parents in the future.
Allison Donovan
Allison Donovan
Read More
These booklets are like gold!!! Everything you need to know …the pages with all the information the child needs to know ..well explained, info about how many times the topic has appeared in the aqe and then questions for them to do! Fabulous!!! Not to mention the answer sheets! I can not rate them any higher!
Lorraine Craig
Lorraine Craig
Read More
Brilliant resources! The revision of each topic before starting the tests is a great way to reinforce learning. As a parent I also find this helpful as it ensure I am teaching my child the correctly. Having a single booklet for each topic is great so that repeated practice solidifies learning.
Mr Savage
Mr Savage
Read More
I have been teaching Transfer Tests for 25 years and the On Target Tuition tests are the best I have ever come across. Highly recommended for all schools and parents
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