Transfer Test Schools and Tutor Licence

Schools and Tutors

  • Schools and Tutors must NOT purchase orders through our online shop.  These papers are exclusively for parents to buy.
  • Schools will receive our exclusive School’s Edition papers that are not available for parents to buy.
  • Tutors will receive our Website Edition papers and must purchase a licence to use them with multiple pupils. (please email to order)

How to Order

  • Please email us at to place an order.  State the name of your school, the number of pupils the licence is for and the type of licence you require (Licence 1 or Licence 2)
  • If you wish to order via iprocurement , please search for us under “On Target Tuition“.  Licence dates should be entered from the beginning of the month for 1 year. Please state Licence 1 or Licence 2 and the number of pupils using the licence.  (details below)  **Please note, if you are ordering via iprocurement I cannot deliver the resources until I receive the purchase order from the EA. (usually 1 day) 
  • Bank Transfer, online payment and cheques will allow immediate delivery of PDFs.

Schools and tutors with a current licence will be listed in our schools and tutors licence holders page so that parents can make an informed decision about what resources they should or should not purchase.  

** Our resources must not be used with multiple pupils without a licence.  All our resources are clearly marked for use at home by parents or by schools and tutors and all licenced papers will have the current licence details, including the name of the school or tutor using them on each page. We will contact and invoice any school or tutor we find using the resources without a licence.

Our Transfer Test Schools and Tutor’s licence lasts for one year from the date you receive your resources.

Licence 1PDF Practice Papers Schools (1 year licence)

40 SEAG Style Practice Papers

Level 1 –  P6 papers Set 1 (4 papers)

Level 2 – P6 papers Set 1 (4 papers)

Level 3 – end of P6 and P7 Set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (24 papers)

Level 3 Set 7 and 8 (8 papers) including the practice section

Class Size

Up to 5 = £60

5-10  = £80

10-15 = £100

15-20 = £130

20-25 = £160

25-32 = £190

Up to 65 = £250

65 plus  = £300

Licence 2 – PDF Revision Book and Practice Papers Schools (1 year licence)

40 SEAG Style Practice Papers 

Level 1  – P6 papers Set 1 (4 papers)

Level  2  – P6 papers Set 1 (4 papers)

Level 3 – end of P6 and P7 Set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (24 papers)

Level 3 Set 7 and 8  (8 papers) including the practice section

Transfer Test Maths and English Revision Books

Class Size

Up to 5 = £100

5-10  = £140

10-15 = £200

15-20 = £260

20-25 = £320

25-32 = £380

Up to 65 = £450

65 plus  = £500

Extra sets will be available in 2024:

  • Level 1 Set 2 – 4 papers
  • Level 2 Set 2 – 4 papers
  • Level 3 Set 9, 10, 11, 12 – 16 papers

Sets of 4 papers can be added to your licence for an extra £10 each.  You may also add extra level 3 papers to your licence if you don’t want Level 1 and 2.  Email me at and I can design a bespoke package for your school.

Parent Discount Codes

If you wish your parents to purchase our resources directly from our website we can offer a discount code to schools.  Please email us at and we will create a bespoke code for your school to use.

The Road to the Transfer Test P5/6 Resources  

Add The Road to the Transfer Test resources to your bundle for an extra £50 per year.  These resources are aimed at children in the second half of Primary 5 and the first half of Primary 6 and cover problem solving skills, error correction, word meanings, comprehension and grammar.  Watch the videos to find out more. If you require any samples, feel free to contact us at

Resources that Schools and Tutors can purchase without a licence

The following resources can be purchased directly from our website without the need to purchase a yearly licence.  All other resources on our website require a yearly licence to use with multiple pupils. (Please see the table above for details).

Printed Practice Papers

Please fill in the following form and we will get back to you with a quote.  If you are happy we will send an invoice via email.  Please allow 2 weeks before you wish the papers to be delivered.  Delivery is free to anywhere in Northern Ireland.  If you have any question please email

All of our resources are copyright material.   The prices listed above are renewable every year.

Licence Terms & Conditions

  • An AQE and GL Schools and Tutor Licence permits your school/tutoring business to print unlimited copies our PDFs for sole use by a specified number of pupils/students throughout in a 12 month period.
  • Your school/tutoring business does not have permission to reproduce, lend, share, copy or distribute any PDF files or printed copies of the PDF files to any other school/tutoring business or persons that are not pupils of your school/tutoring business.
  • You do not have permission to sell our products to parents or anyone else.
  • Your school/tutoring business does not have permission to use, share, lend, sell, print, copy or distribute the PDF or any existing copies of the papers or booklets after the licence has expired.
  • We will contact your school/tutoring 4 weeks prior to your licence renewal date to confirm that you wish to continue using the licence and to discuss payment for the new cycle.

Please contact us via email at: We are happy to send you samples of all our resources.

Or if you would prefer to speak to someone in person, please call 028 92675071.

If you wish to make a purchase, please tell us the name of your school, which option you would like to purchase and how many pupils you require the licence for.


Upon confirmation of your order we will invoice you.  Please pay by cheque to “On Target Tuition” or bank transfer.
(Account Number: 05613663  Sort Code: 09-01-50 Santander) Reference with the name of your school.

For more information on the services provided by On Target Tuition please visit our website

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