GCSE Maths Schools and Tutors Licence

Each set is £25 if bought individually.  There is a 10% discount applied if purchasing more than one set.

Available sets: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7 and M8.  Each set contains 4 papers.  For more information on each set please see https://ontargetresources.co.uk/ccea-gcse-maths-papers/ and click on the product pages for each set.

1 set – £25

2 sets – £45

3 sets  – £67.50

4 sets – £90

5 sets – £112.50

6 sets – £135

7 sets – £157.50

8 sets – £180

Licence Terms & Conditions

  • An GCSE Maths Schools and Tutor Licence permits your school/tutoring business to print unlimited copies our PDFs throughout in a 12 month period. 
  • Your school/tutoring business does not have permission to reproduce, lend, share, copy or distribute any PDF files or printed copies of the PDF files to any other school/tutoring business or persons that are not pupils of your school/tutoring business.
  • You do not have permission to sell our products to parents or anyone else.
  • Your school/tutoring business does not have permission to use, share, lend, sell, print, copy or distribute the PDF or any existing copies of the papers or booklets after the licence has expired.
  • We will contact your school/tutoring 4 weeks prior to your licence renewal date to confirm that you wish to continue using the licence and to discuss payment for the new cycle.

Please contact us via email at: lisburntuition@gmail.com. We are happy to send you samples of all our resources. 

If you wish to make a purchase, please tell us the name of your school and which sets you would like.

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