AQE Style Practice Papers – Level 2


AQE Style Practice Papers – Level 2 

**Updated to the AQE 2022 Specification

  • 4 AQE Style Level 2 Practice Papers
  • Answer sheets

AQE Style Practice Papers – Level 2

**Updated to the AQE 2022 Specification

AQE Style Level 2 Practice Papers

4 Papers.

On Target AQE Style Level 2  Practice Papers are based on the the AQE format and are written by On Target Resources.

Level 2 is the middle stage of our staged difficulty levels.  These papers will allow you to introduce your child gradually to the AQE curriculum and format.  Level 2 contains all the content contained in Level 1, plus some extra topics listed below.

AQE Level 2 papers have 35 questions, to be completed in 45 minutes.


Maths Level 2 Curriculum Content –

AQE Maths Level 2 contains all the topics in Level 1 plus the following topics.
  • Weight facts g/kg
  • Decimal numbers
  • Equivalent decimals and fractions
  • Area of a shape including decimal measures
  • Time duration
  • Multiplication and Division problems
  • Averages – mean
  • Sequences with pictorial patterns
  • Write a number in words
  • Area of more complex shapes
  • Area of a triangle
  • Lines of symmetry
  • horizonal and vertical lines
  • Algebra with division and multiplication
  • Angle facts – right, acute, obtuse, reflex, straight
  • Angles in a triangle
  • Prime numbers, cube numbers
  • Line graphs

English Level 2 Curriculum Content –

There is one comprehension passage (either poetry or prose) and one passages with errors section. 

AQE English Level 2 contains all the topics in Level 1 plus the following topics:
  • adverbs
  • apostrophe of possession
  • Speech marks
  • Similes
  • Spelling rules – plurals, adding ing/ed, suffixes and common spelling errors
  • Definitions of a thesaurus, dictionary, author, illustrator

What is included?

  • AQE Level 2 Practice Papers  (4 papers)
  • Answer sheets

(Please note: There is a special rate for tutors and schools who wish to use our resources with multiple pupils.  Email for details.  Please do not photocopy copyright materials.)

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On Target Tuition have been helping to prepare children for the AQE Transfer Test for the past 14 years from our Lisburn City Centre tuition centre. We noticed a gap in the market for high quality, up to date AQE practice papers that mirrored the curriculum set out by the AQE, therefore we decided to write our own resources because a lot of what was available was outdated or contained questions that would never be asked in the AQE tests.  From here On Target Resources was born.  We hope you find our resources helpful and would be grateful for any feedback you might have.

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