AQE and GL Transfer Test Papers.

Why Buy Our Transfer Test Practice Papers

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If you are looking for AQE and GL Transfer Test papers that will give your child an idea of what the real Transfer Test exam will feel like, you have come to the right place. We have been  tutoring children for the AQE and GL tests for the past 12 years. We have created our own practice papers as we felt that many of the papers on the market did not reflect the true style of the actual tests.  

  • All our papers have been updated to the 2021 AQE and GL specification.
  • We have analysed AQE Past Papers and GL Familiarisation Papers to create papers that replicate the style, questioning and layout of the real tests.

  • Our papers include all the elements of the AQE and GL curriculum.

  • All our papers come with answer sheets.

Find out more about why our practice papers are so successful on our blog.  Why choose our papers?

If your child is sitting both the AQE and the GL Transfer Tests we recommend you buy the AQE and GL bundle.  This will make sure there is no repetition of questions.

(Please note: There are special rates for tutors and schools who wish to use our resources with multiple pupils.  Email for details or visit our Schools and Tutors page. Please do not photocopy copyright materials without permission.)

Samples of our papers are available on the product pages.

AQE Practice Papers

  • AQE Practice Papers Set 1 PDF

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  • AQE Practice Papers Set 1 PRINTED

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  • AQE Practice Papers Set 2 PDF

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  • AQE Practice Papers Set 2 PRINTED

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GL Practice Papers

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