G. McCaughey
G. McCaughey February 2021
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We are delighted to say that Sophie amazed us with her great AQE result, 122 out of 128! I used all your resources in the six months prior to her tests, and considering she had missed two terms in P5 and P6, they were invaluable. I have recommended your material to many P6 parents, considering the content and quality is so relevant and comprehensive. The extra practice papers were invaluable, especially over the summer months, when skills can slip - will certainly continue to recommend these fantastic resources to many parents in the future.
Allison Donovan
Allison DonovanJuly 2020
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These booklets are like gold!!! Everything you need to know …the pages with all the information the child needs to know ..well explained, info about how many times the topic has appeared in the aqe and then questions for them to do! Fabulous!!! Not to mention the answer sheets! I can not rate them any higher!
Lorraine Craig
Lorraine CraigJuly 2020
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Brilliant resources! The revision of each topic before starting the tests is a great way to reinforce learning. As a parent I also find this helpful as it ensure I am teaching my child the correctly. Having a single booklet for each topic is great so that repeated practice solidifies learning.
Mr Savage
Mr SavageSeptember 2021
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I have been teaching Transfer Tests for 25 years and the On Target Tuition tests are the best I have ever come across. Highly recommended for all schools and parents
Mrs Gib
Mrs GibMay 2022
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Just to say that your revision packs are great. They really seem to be helping my daughter and we’ve only been using them for 3 weeks. She is dyslexic and finds the English questions challenging, particularly the questions asking to give the past or present tense of words etc. I’m hoping that the little tips and revision pages will let her pick up those vital extra marks in the AQE! Thank you!
SarahApril 2022
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I purchased many resources from On Target and my daughters both attended summer school. The transfer resources were fantastic and made sure my daughter had covered all areas especially the tricky questions. I’m now heading towards P6 with my youngest and have already started using some On Target resources with her to check her tables are secure. I know I will be using more On Target resources in the next year and a half! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
M Morgan
M MorganMay 2022
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I just wanted to contact you to let you know that we are really pleased with the practice papers we purchased from you. They provide a good range of content and are sufficiently challenging for our pupils. We also appreciate how you delivered them organised and ready to go! Many thanks for your professionalism and efficiency.

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Transfer Test

If your child is currently in P6 and is just starting their Transfer Test journey, we highly recommend that you start off with our Road to the Transfer Test series.  This is aimed at children coming out of P5 and the beginning of P6.  

After Christmas in your child’s P6 year, we recommend our AQE and GL Revision Books.  These have been written especially to revise topics in the AQE and GL tests before tackling past papers and practice papers.  They are easy to use and full of teaching tips and quizzes based on actual past paper questions to get your child used to the style of questioning.  These are updated every year to include any new topics that have appeared in the previous year’s AQE papers.  

We have created staged difficulty AQE and GL practice papers.  These will allow you to introduce your child to the transfer test practice papers gradually.  Level 1 is the easiest level with reduced content and curriculum.  This is followed by Level 2 which adds more curriculum and increases the length of the test.  Level 3 is the full curriculum and the tests follow the format and length of the real AQE and GL tests.  Find out more about our levelled practice papers on our Levels Explanation Page.

GCSE Maths

It is vital for GCSE students to practice questions in the style and layout of the actual tests.  Our CCEA Style GCSE practice papers are based on the new (M) 2 tier curriculum and are the only one of their kind on the market at the moment.  They are an excellent resource to use in the run up to the exams to check for knowledge and establish where the gaps in learning might be.

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