Why Choose Our AQE and GL Papers?

Have your child’s AQE and GL scores dipped after the summer holidays?

Practice makes perfect! That’s what they say.  But what if you have been putting in the practice AQE and GL papers with your child and the scores just seem to be getting worse, rather than better?  

We find, year after year that when children go back to school in the September of P7, scores dip. Parents start to panic and children are left wondering why they bothered doing practice papers over the summer!

Why do AQE and GL scores dip?

At the beginning of P7 the schools move on to using the actual AQE past papers  and GL Familiarisation Papers. They no longer use the commercial practice papers. As a result marks often go down as the actual papers are different from the papers they have been doing. The way the questions are asked is different, and believe it or not the content of the curriculum used can also be different.  Not surprisingly this often causes confusion and frustration.

Many of the papers available on the commercial market, in shops and online are written in the style of the old 11+. Many are written with the English 11+ market in mind as well. They do not cater for the unique style of the AQE and GL Northern Irish Transfer Test.

This is why On Target Tuition have written their own papers. After years of frustration in our tuition centre, we gave up and wrote our own.

Choose practice papers that mirror the real past papers

Our papers and revision books were written after a detailed analysis of the AQE Past Papers and GL Familiarisation Papers. We went through every past paper in detail, recorded each question asked and categorised each question.  We were then able to write our questions to reflect what children would be seeing in the real tests using the the real questions as a model.  The plan is to make them as realistic as possible! We worded the questions in the style used on the real papers and only included the curriculum used in the real papers. We have worked to make our papers a realistic replica of what children will experience in the real tests.

This allows you to prepare your child properly. We aim to take the stress out of moving from practice papers to the actual past papers in the run up to the test.

If you have any questions regarding our papers please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 9267 5071 or email us at lisburntuition@gmail.com

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