Transfer Test Tricky Maths (PDF)


Transfer Test Tricky Maths (PDF)


  • SHAPE booklet
  • NUMBER booklet
  • DATA HANDLING booklet
  • MEASURE booklet
  • Answer booklet – includes detailed, step by step guides to working out the answers

Transfer Test Tricky Maths

Every Transfer Test paper has what we call A* questions.  This resource is designed to help your child build their confidence with A* questions.    The more practise you get of these questions the more chance you have of scoring highly in the AQE and GL tests.  Transfer Test Tricky Maths will allow you and your child to practise these difficult maths questions and get the practice you need to get top marks in the test.

We have created 4 booklets that cover all areas of the Transfer Test maths curriculum.  We have researched the most difficult questions using past papers.  Also included is a detailed guide to working out the answers.  This provides parents with a step by step guide for working out the answer to each question.  If your child gets the answer wrong you can go through the problem together to work out the solution.


SHAPE booklet – Area and perimeter, Area of a triangle, Volume, 2D shape, 3D shape (11 pages)

NUMBER booklet – Understanding operations, Mean and Range averages, Algebra, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Money problems, Special numbers, Sequences, Patterns, Probability, Function Machines (9 pages)

DATA HANDLING – Coordinates, Bar charts, Line graphs, Pie charts, Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams, Tally marks, Pictographs (8 pages)

MEASURE booklet – Money problems, Weight problems, Length problems, Volume problems, Time problems, Compass, Temperature problems, Scale (8 pages)

Answer booklet – includes detailed, step by step guides to working out the answers

If your child is just beginning to learn the Transfer Test curriculum we recommend our Transfer Test Revision Books. 


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