Transfer Test Comprehension PDF


Transfer Test Comprehension PDF

A comprehensive comprehension resource for children sitting the AQE and GL tests.

  • 12 texts (4 fiction, 4 poems, 4 non-fiction)
  • True, False, Don’t Know
  • Multiple choice
  • Words of similar meaning
  • Word of phrase search
  • Nouns, verbs, adjective, adverbs search
  • Answers included


Transfer Test Comprehension

This resource has been written to give children the chance to practise comprehension questions that are specific to the Northern Ireland AQE and GL Transfer Tests. 

Transfer Test Comprehension is the number one area that parents tell us their children struggle with in the AQE and GL tests.  It is hard to teach and even harder to get children interested if they are not great readers.

The good news is, the questions asked in the Transfer Test are very prescribed.  Moreover, you can train your child in the specific skills that the questions test and with practise they can master these skills and pick up the marks easily.  This resource breaks down the skills needed for the Transfer Test and targets each skill with lots of practice questions.  As a result, your child will master each skill individually, preparing them for the real tests.

What is included:
  • There are 12 texts (4 fiction, 4 poems and 4 non-fiction)
  • There  are 10 questions for each skill per text.  Meaning you have 50 questions for each text.  You can start at the beginning and work through each of the texts and questions sequentially, or you can choose to focus in on one particular skill that your child needs practise in.
  • Top tips for Transfer Test comprehension success.
  • Top tips to master each Transfer Test comprehension skill.
  • Answer booklet
Transfer Test Skills

This is an instant download PDF which you can print out at home.  Do not share these files electronically with anyone else or allow anyone else to photocopy them.

If you are looking for AQE and GL Transfer Test practice papers please visit our papers page.

For more information on the AQE test visit the AQE website.

For more information on the GL test visit the pptc website.

This resource is 75 pages.





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