AQE Passages with Errors – FREE SAMPLE


1 AQE Passages with Errors passage and questions (PDF)


  • AQE Assessment Passage with errors
  • Answer sheets

1 AQE Passages with Errors passage and questions in download PDF form.

AQE free sample.


  • AQE Assessment Passage with errors
  • Answer sheet

The middle section of the AQE contains a passage with numbered lines and a series of 5 multiple choice questions in which the children must find the mistakes in a passage. This AQE free sample will help your child practise these key skills.

Passages with errors occur in every AQE paper so it is vital that your child gets lots of practise at these questions.  They are 5 easy marks if they know how to approach them.

We have provided you with a FREE sample.  This is a unique passage and is not contained in the AQE Passages with Errors Book 4 Revision Book.  Book 4 contains 12 unique passages and questions.  It also contains teaching tips to help your child tackle this style of questioning. You can purchase Book 4 and all our other revision books at:

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