The Road to the Transfer Test – Problem Solving PRINTED


The Road to the Transfer Test – Problem Solving – PRINTED

A comprehensive resource for children in the last term of Primary 5 and the beginning of Primary 6 focusing on maths problem solving skills.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, time duration, fraction of, decimals, percentages, measure, area, perimeter and mixed problems.

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The Road to the Transfer Test – Problem Solving  – PRINTED


Transfer Test Preparation for Primary 5/6 Pupils

Comprehensive Transfer Test preparation for Primary 5/6.

The focus of this 40 page booklet is on maths problem solving.  Each maths topic is broken down into two parts –

  1. What I need to know – children have the opportunity to practise the facts and learn how to master the maths.
  2. Problem solving questions based on the types of questions children might face in the transfer test at just the right level for their age.  The topics and problem solving questions are designed to help children in the last term of P5 and the beginning of P6 with the aim to build confidence in this essential skill.


  • Addition – one step problems
  • Addition  – two step problems
  • Subtraction – one step problems
  • Subtraction – two step problems
  • Addition and Subtraction – 2 step problems
  • Multiplication – one step problems
  • Multiplication – two step problems
  • Division no remainders – one step problems
  • Division with remainders – one step problems
  • Addition/Subtraction?Division  – two step problems
  • Time Duration problems
  • Money problems
  • Simple fraction of problems
  • More complex fraction of problems
  • Simple percentage problems
  • Decimal problems
  • Measure using length problems
  • Measure using weight and volume problems
  • Area and perimeter problems
  • Mixed problems

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