The Road to the Transfer Test – English Skills 1 – PRINTED


The Road to the Transfer Test – English Skills 1 – PRINTED

A comprehensive resource for children in the last term of Primary 5 and the beginning of Primary 6 focusing on English skills.

  • Error correction including homophones, common spelling errors and punctuation.
  • Finding words with similar meanings.

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The Road to the Transfer Test – English Skills 1 – PRINTED


Transfer Test English for Primary 5/6 Pupils

Comprehensive Transfer Test English preparation for Primary 5/6.

The focus of this 40 page booklet is on error correction and word meanings.  These are both essential skills needed for the Northern Irish AQE and GL Transfer Tests.  Both tests contain error correction sections which focus on spelling and punctuation errors.  Transfer Test comprehension always includes finding synonyms.  This skill is often new to children when they start practice papers.  Teach them the techniques early and the papers will be less daunting!


  • Homophones
  • Homophone error correction
  • Common spelling errors – plural nouns, double consonants, common misspellings
  • Common spelling error correction
  • Punctuation including contractions and apostrophe of possession
  • Punctuation correction
  • Words with similar meanings
  • Mixed error correction

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This is the printed version of this resource.  Postage is by 2nd class Royal Mail and is free.  If you would like to purchase PDF instant download copies please visit the pdf version.

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