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AQE Passages with Errors (PDF)

  • 12 Passages with AQE style questions
  • Answer booklet

AQE Passages with Errors – AQE Passages with Errors is a comprehensive revision guide for children and parents sitting the AQE or GL Transfer Tests.  (28 pages)

Passages with errors questions occur in every AQE paper.  The passages with errors sections consist of a series of 5 multiple choice questions in which the children must find the mistakes in a passage.  In our revision book we have tips for helping your child find these errors and 12 unique passages for them to practise their skills.

This style of questioning is unique to the AQE papers.  Please see GL Passages with Errors to practise the style of questioning unique to the GL test.

If your child is sitting both tests please note:  AQE Passages with Errors and GL Passages with Errors both use the same passages for revision however, the errors in each book are different so you will be able to use both books if your child is sitting both the AQE and the GL test.

This is an instant PDF download which you can print out at home. Please do not share these files electronically with anyone else or allow anyone else to photocopy them.

(Please note: There are special rates for tutors and schools who wish to use our resources with multiple pupils.  Email​ for details.  Please do not photocopy copyright materials.)

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