AQE Practice papers Set 1, 2, 3 and 4. PDF


12 AQE Practice Papers (PDFs) 2021 Specification

  • AQE Set 1 (4 papers)
  • AQE Set 2 (4 papers)
  • AQE Set 3 (4 papers)
  • Answer booklet
  • + FREE AQE Bonus Paper based on the new AQE Sample Paper

AQE Practice Papers – 2021 Specification

Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 and 4

All our AQE practice papers have been updated to reflect the 2021 AQE specification.

Maths Specification –

We have removed the following topics from our AQE practice papers so that the papers reflect the format and curriculum content that the children will experience in the 2021 test.
  • percentages;
  • triangular numbers;
  • the use of a letter to stand for an unknown number;
  • the interpretation of a calculator display in relation to money;
  • multiplication beyond a 3-digit number multiplied by a 2-digit number;
  • division beyond a 3-digit number divided by a single digit.
  • negative numbers;
  • calculating the area of a non-right-angled triangle;
  • the continuous nature of measurement & the need for appropriate accuracy;
  • the use of scale in simple maps and diagrams;
  • calculations related to timetables involving the 24-hour clock.
  • reflecting a shape in a diagonal line;
  • tessellations;
  • name and describe circles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons.
  • pie charts:
  • mean and range;
  • probability and likelihood.

English Specification –

The format of the English has remained largely the same. (AQE have included 2 poems – our papers contain 1 poem)

Our papers contain:

  • a poem followed by comprehension questions
  • a basic skill passages with errors passage
  • a prose passage (fiction or non-fiction) followed by comprehension questions
  • a second prose passage (fiction or non-fiction) followed by comprehension questions
The literacy content includes:
  • Spelling – using a variety of skills to spell words correctly by identifying commonly misspelt words
    or misuse of homophones.
  • Punctuation – correctly using full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes (contraction or singular/plural possession) and quotation/speech marks.
  • Alphabetical Order – arranging words in alphabetical order.
  • Rhymes – identifying words in a poem which rhyme.
The grammar content includes:
  • Adjectives – identify an adjective in a sentence.
  • Adverbs – identify an adverb in a sentence.
  • Nouns – identify a noun in a sentence.
  • Verbs – identify a verb in a sentence.
  • Capital Letters – identify when capital letters should be used.
  • Opposites – identify the opposite of a given word.
  • Words of similar meaning – identify means of a similar meaning in a sentence.
  • Singular & Plural Nouns – identify the singular/plural form of a given noun.
  • Tenses – identify present tense, past tense and participles of verbs, for example,
    swim (present tense), swam (past tense), swum (past participle),
    swimming (present participle).

If your child is not sitting the tests in 2021 please email  I can email you the 2022 specification papers after you make your purchase.  Just let me know and I will sort it asap.

AQE Practice Papers Set 1, 2, 3 and 4 PDF Instant Download

AQE Practice papers Set 1 ,Set 2, Set 3 and Set 4. 16 papers. PDF Instant Download.

Designed to replicate the real AQE past papers in style and layout.  AQE practice papers Set 1, 2 ,3 and 4 were written after careful analysis of all the AQE Past Papers from 2011 to 2018.  Our AQE practice papers contain 58 questions and have a total of 64 marks, just like the real past papers.  Your child will have the chance to practice poetry comprehension, non-fiction comprehension, fiction comprehension and passages with errors sections.  The maths covers the full AQE curriculum and includes number, measure, shape and data handling questions.

  • AQE Set 1
  • Answer booklet
  • AQE Set 2
  • Answer booklet
  • AQE Set 3
  • Answer booklet
  • AQE Set 4
  • Answer booklet

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On Target Tuition having been helping to prepare children for the AQE Transfer Test for the past 12 years from our Lisburn City Centre tuition centre.  However, we noticed a gap in the market for high quality, up to date AQE practice papers that mirrored the curriculum set out by the AQE.  The solution was to write our own material because a lot of what was available was outdated or contained questions that would never be asked in the AQE.  From here On Target Resources was born.  We hope you find our resources helpful and would be grateful for any feedback you might have.


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2021 Specification

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